Tuesday, July 27, 2021

How can a healthy yard benefit you and the environment?

If you need a place and some time to rest and relax, you do not need to go somewhere far. Your lawn can be the best place for you and your family to have fun and destress. It could provide you a lot more than that if you manage your landscaping well. Here are the different benefits of having a healthy yard.

Landscaping Tips

Extend Your Living Space

Your landscape has the possibility to become an extension of your house. Check how you can add an outdoor cooking area and seating areas. Develop rooms that will divide places that will serve certain purposes by using walls, landscaping plants, or basic lawn care Charleston SC ornaments that will help mark the special space.

Safe Place For Your Kids To Play

Kids must have a place here they could feel safe and have fun. A study showed that if kids feel a connection with nature, they have a tendency to feel happier as they behave in a more altruistic and sustainable way. Be sure your landscaping and garden are both secure by checking the gates and fences, especially around the storage areas and pool. Provide children a lot of space to play, keep the space clear of any possible hazards, and be sure to watch them all the time.

Create A Wildlife Habitat

Rather than going to the park or zoo to watch wildlife, make a healthy landscaping that will attract rabbits, songbirds, as well as other wildlife. According to the National Wildlife Federation, you should choose plats, trees, and seeds that are wildlife friendly that do well in your planting terrain and zone. Do not forget the small communities such as snails, salamanders, and toads. Pollinators such as honeybees and butterflies love having different blooms during the growing season.

Help The Planet

You can help clean the air of dangerous greenhouse gases by having healthy mature trees in your property. They should also give cooling shade that cuts back energy consumption. And healthy landscapes need fewer, if any, chemical solutions that could be harmful to the planet, pets, and people.

Become More Sustainable

If you plant a nut or fruit bearing tree or plant an edible garden, you are promoting sustainability. Rather than going to the store for beans or apples, you can simply pick out from the produce that you have at home once they become ripe. Assign a part of your landscaping for a garden, or plant fruits or vegetables among landscaping and flower beds. Vegetables such as spinach could be harvested at least once in a season when you maintain it correctly And different studies show that kids who grow vegetables are more inclined to eat them.

Keep Pests Safe

The garden and your yard could also be a safe place for the pests to exercise, interact and play with humans as well as other pests. Make a yard that is free of supplies and plants that are toxic to cats and dogs, and inspect gates and fences to ensure that they are very secure. Add hardscaping, water features and shades, paths, space to exercise, and all corners for pets can explore.


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Friday, July 23, 2021

6 Tips for Recovering Landscaping in Charleston after Storm Damage

Cleaning up in the after-effects of a storm can be an ordeal for any property owner or tenant, and needs far more effort and time than getting a couple of branches and damaged limbs. Storms that greatly damage trees and other big pieces of the landscaping can be a possible risk for a Charleston homeowner or renter.

After Nature plays her heavy hand during spring storms– or other time of the year– it’s best to take a step back and create a tactical plan for the clean-up, states Porter Hayes Landscaping experts. Also, interacting with renters to prevent them from dealing with a potentially unsafe circumstance during cleanup is prudent.

Landscaping Tip: Property Owners and Occupants Probably Should not “Do It Yourself”

Depending upon the extent of storm damage from hurricane Matthew, contacting the professionals to eliminate debris and handle fallen trees is always a good idea. A storm-damaged landscape can produce a number of threats, consisting of trees that might seem stable however have actually been damaged and can fall.

In 2012, an Annapolis, Maryland, male was killed while working for a tree care company to assist clear trees downed by a serious storm. While in the backyard of a house harmed by heavy wind and rain, a tree fell on top of him. He was dead before emergency situation personnel arrived.

Energy providers should be contacted when dealing with downed power lines or hot lines that are tangled in trees.

However initially, the very best strategy is create a plan rather than jump into the clean-up too rapidly. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), recommends 6 core pointers and precautions for restoring a storm-damaged landscape.

Develop a Strategy and Determine Possible Dangers Before Storm Clean-up

Focus on the cleanup by first identifying any blocked access to the home, vehicles or entrances and exits in other places on the home. Also, determine potential risks, like trees that are unstable and partial broken limbs hanging precariously.

Operating in conditions with great visibility after the storm is essential.

Use Extreme Care when Cutting or Removing Trees

Trees are incredibly heavy and can trigger severe injury or death. During cutting and removal, trees can move, “dive” or roll.

“Trees are incredibly heavy and can trigger major injury or death if you do not comprehend how the weight moves as you cut,” advises Porter Hayes Landscaping. Cutting down trees is best left the landscape professionals.

Another potential risk is chainsaws and other cutting devices used to cut and get rid of trees. Only knowledgeable landscape professionals of equipment like chainsaws need to be allowed to the “heavy lifting” of clean-up.

Check Standing Trees for Instability and Possible Elimination

A mindful assessment needs to be made relating to additional tree cutting to support and rebalance the damaged trees after limbs and other debris has been removed. A tree that looks like it totally endured the storm may really be harmed. We suggest a close evaluation of the tree to determine if any structural damage has been done.

Likewise, some steady however unpleasant trees may need to be removed.

Prune Bushes, Smaller Trees and Perennial Plants and Flowers Affected by Storm Damage

Smaller sized ornamental trees, shrubs or bushes and perennials frequently are damaged by the storm. A determination needs to be made if the harmed plant life can be restored or if elimination is needed. Each plant heals in its own way and some might not have the ability to get rid of the damage.

Inspect Landscape for Drain Issues

Storms frequently produce heavy rains that can wash away a landscaping Charleston. In addition, the drainage system might be affected.

Assess any soil erosion and changes to site drain, and figure out if a problem exists and the best ways to repair it. Likewise, mulch that rinses of beds will need to be removed and replaced.

Manage Standing Water With Care

Standing water arising from heavy rains and flooding can be a health threat, especially in extreme scenarios when the house has been flooded. Water from a flooded structure can include fecal product from overruning sewage systems as well as agricultural and hazardous waste.

The CDC suggests using protective clothing and gloves, and keeping open sores or new cuts exposed to floodwater as clean as possible. Use soap and apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection throughout cleanup.

While the damage from serious weather condition may seem done when the storm vacates, numerous elements must be thought about prior to taking on clean-up. A well-organized strategy will help the homeowner and resident securely get the landscape back on its feet. Don’t forget, you have the option to hire a landscaping company for professional help.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Art of Landscaping in Charleston, SC

Landscaping is the art of modifying and enhancing visible features of a chosen area. The process of alternation requires great skills, understanding of nature and an eye for aesthetics to create a cohesive and harmonious environment that perfectly blends with the background. Every landscape demands a different approach; therefore hiring the local landscaping service is the best and most reliable option.

The Elementary Principles of Landscaping

Every successful landscaper has to understand nature in its full capacity. To create a beautiful little island within a certain landscaping Charleston, that exudes inner and outer balance in which an individual can find their own peace, living elements, and nonliving elements have to be taken into consideration. Planting, growing and cultivating plants, that complement and summarize the local Charleston area’s attributes, are just a couple of the elementary tasks one has to master. By adding or extracting different nonliving elements, such as water, soil, and rocks you can completely modify any dull area into a unique little oasis that oozes a personal story.

The Importance of Hiring Local Landscaping Service

Every new construction requires study and observation. Landscaping design all over the United States differ from one another, because they possess their own significant characteristics, from specific flora and fauna to the soil quality and what type of rock the ground consists of. Local Charleston businesses are familiar with every feature and attribute that the certain land possesses. Such knowledge reduces the risks of making any mistake that could reduce the value of your residence. To form a garden or yard that blends with the rest of the scenery it is best to incorporate as many local features into the project as possible.

To be the Part of Charleston

Charleston, as the oldest city in South Carolina, is well known for its intact nature and well-preserved parks. To be and feel a part of such aesthetic city that proudly owns its cultural diversity, one has to make sure their own personal residence exudes similar prestige and luxurious essence. The residential garden of the Calhoun Mansion is just one of the examples where landscaping beautifully emphasizes the surroundings and summarizes the era it was constructed in.

Best Landscape Services in Charleston, SC

Porter Hayes Landscaping has been serving the Charleston area with quality landscaping services for over ten years.

Our warm season turfgrass program includes a complete lawn care program including fertilization, weed control, pre-emergence application, insect control, disease control, core aeration, over-seeding, lime application, and seeding.


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Friday, July 16, 2021

Should you have a patio installed this summer?

Adding a deck or a patio to your house provides different advantages, including improved visual aesthetics and possibly a higher home sale value. However, it is not just about the real estate numbers if you’re looking to expand your usable space. Here are the benefits of installing a patio or deck.

Why install a patio or deck during summer?

Improve summer cookouts

Patios and decks with the right outdoor lighting boost backyard cookouts as well as other gatherings by giving a solid space where you and your guests can mingle without trampling the grass or other landscaping components. Stone or wood, composite foundations will keep guests from staying in the dap grass or the mud whenever you host an event after a seasonal downpour or if it’s late in the evening when dew starts to collect.

If you plan on gathering your loved ones at an outdoor table this summer season for cocktails or dinners under the stars with friends, a patio installation Charleston SC will keep everybody feeling comfortable.

Connect your home to the pool

Patio, decks and pools are the ways to link the interior of your home to a swimming pool. This is true regardless if you build a deck surrounding an above ground swimming pool or extend your patio to a certain inground infrastructure.

Decks and patios allow people to move easily from the pool to the house without having to walk on dirt or grass. This will help keep your house and your pool much cleaner and could even reduce your work when it comes to keeping your home clean.

Create a shaded lounge area

Deck or patio options with roof structures offer a cooler place to enjoy the outdoors during the warm season. You could sit with family and friends and enjoy the warm breeze without getting exposed to the sun’s UV rays constantly. Young kids could also escape the direct UV rays of the sun without giving up the enjoyment of the water toys, water tables, as well as small pools.

Some deck and patio designs offer more help in staying cool. Choose designs that will allow not only allow you to boost your landscaping Charleston but also let you add ceiling fans so you will have something that will help circulate the air on humid summer nights for increased enjoyment outdoors.

Offer kids with private and safe play spaces

Decks and patios could assist you in creating a section in your backyard that’s confined or private, which could be ideal for parents of kids. The right kinds of railing and gates could keep kids safely on the deck, letting them play outside without exposing them to the many different risks in the yard. This could be helpful when you have a wooded yard, a large back yard, or property that doesn’t have a fence. For people that live in close quarters with other neighbors, certain kinds of design elements could be added into a deck or patio in order to maximize privacy.


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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

What is the difference between landscaping and hardscaping?

Landscape and hardcape, although related, are different in various respects. Landscaping projects overarch softscape and hardscape projects. Although softscape includes vegetable gardens, shrubs, and grass, hardscaping includes other additions that include hard landscaping. Knowing how a landscape is different from a hardscape is crucial because a quality hardscape setup can help you create a fascinating and enduring landscape.

What you need to know about hardscaping?

Hardscaping focuses on brick and mortar. Berms, pools, decks, arbors, patios, and driveways all use hardscape materials. In most cases, the softscape exists around or in the hardscape. Plants, flowers, and other materials could pattern the overall design of a hardscape, which will be considered for your lawn care routine.

Hardscapes exists at many households. Outdoor areas, doors, and windows need driveways and patios so that it will stay accessible. An outdoor pool can’t function without the right decking closeby. Hardscape exists to stop water absorption. Sprinklers, hose water, and natural rain can degrade the interior of the home over time. However hardscape will serve the household by protecting the home’s boundaries.

Aside from that, hardscape will protect the structural integrity of an area. Brick and mortar will create strong foundation areas, safeguarding the yard from the daily wear and tear. Of course, hardscaping serves as extra foundation where the visual appeal is considered. In most cases, a hardscaping installation can be customized. It also keeps embellished areas. Stone benches, paved walkways, vertical walls, all serve a certain purpose while visually pulling the yard together.

What is landscaping?

Landscaping Charleston SC includes hardscaping. It defines the shape, inclusions, and definition of a yard. A landscape consists of softscape and hardscape. They both make a memorable landscape, one that can capture the essence of a home while protecting the property line. When you’re working on a landscaping project, softscape and hardscape must be considered. Pay more attention to the hardscape because of its significant effect on the structural purpose of the yard.

Planning Hardscape and Landscape

Before you settle on a hardscape installation, you should consider the landscaping design feel of the home’s surrounding. Once again, most of the space of the landscape is considered as a hardscape. As a general rule of thumb, the entire areas must be designed ahead of time. The comprehensive feel of the area can be filled in. Consider the bigger picture. You should also define the structural integrity of the yard. Sure, one of the hardscape options looks great but will it be able to protect the landscape option? Always remember that your landscaping is the sum of all its parts. Although a misplaced hardscaping option might seem insignificant, it can make a huge difference in the structural, drainage, and safety concerns, which should be dealt with before the installation starts. Be sure to create a hardscape that will lead to the destination of your landscape. The gate, shed, house, and the pool should be the centrepieces. Your softscape will also play a crucial part. They could complement the hardscape’s gesture.


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Friday, July 9, 2021

Your Landscaping Guide To Protect From Insects

Pests could trigger substantial damages to your landscape which is an added expense to deal with the damages or change harmed plants. Handling insect bugs is a crucial -component of landscaping maintenance. It also needs you to take an active role in safeguarding your plants and looking after them.

Make sure you understand exactly what you are handling in advance, and also guarantee that you are sufficiently prepared to fight insect parasites, whether you utilize all-natural approaches or artificial approaches for your landscaping Charleston maintenance routine.

 Lawn Care Guide To Dealing With Pests

The very first lawn care guide that you have to acknowledge is that not all bugs are insects. A few of them, in fact, give practical solutions and become part of a prospering community in your lawn. Furthermore, various insect bugs trigger various issues, and they need to be distinguished. It is possible to deal with most pests with chemicals, yet it is essential to keep in mind that when one makes use of these pesticides, they hardly ever recognize valuable bugs from harmful pests. If you could recognize the insect that is triggering a certain issue, then find a solution that specifically targets this issue.

The very best possible landscaping maintenance in dealing with insects is prevention. There are numerous non-chemical administration strategies that could be used in order to help stop undesirable pests from creating a trouble. The very best therapy is to keep plants generally healthy. Healthy and balanced plants are more immune to the inconsistencies of insect parasites, and they also take on severe actions if needed.

Lawn Care Tips To Healthy Plants

Pick your plants meticulously

See to it that they match the site in regards to kind of soil, water drainage and amount of sunlight received. Additionally, pick plants that work with the environment in your area.

Choose plants that are immune to usual parasites.

As an example, paper birch is particularly vulnerable to bronze birch borers, as well as might come down with these bugs. Pick plants that are sturdy and also rarely impacted by the average pest.

You can promote variety by choosing plants that are resistant to various parasites. Additionally, growing a range of plants in your landscape could lead make certain that also if one certain plant is ruined, that your whole landscape will certainly not endure.

Diversity Secures

Promote the basic wellness of your plants by using correct treatment. Ensure that you comply with a timetable of watering, trimming, mulching, as well as fertilizing. This will assist the plants to stay healthy.

Aim to deal with the plants before damages get worse, to make sure that the plant recuperates better. The chemicals will surely affect the plant in addition to the parasites. Make certain you thoroughly checked out the tag before acquiring your pesticide, and also make sure to check out the directions prior to utilizing. Likewise be worried about just how much you use pesticides. Too much of this could damage the health and wellness of your plants.

If you are unsure about using pesticides to treat pests, you can ask Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC to take care of your precious landscape.

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Thursday, July 1, 2021

How to choose the right landscape designer?

Landscaping ideas are wonderful, but without the appropriate landscaping company or landscape designers, or other landscaping experts, including a landscape architect, could provide help on the installation of outdoor features, which includes some landscaping ideas that help boost the value of your home, the task could be difficult. They will take your yard beyond the basic lawn care tips for spaces that work like extensions of your indoor space and choosing the best one is important to having a successful working relationship, and a beautiful yard.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best landscaping professional.

Talk To Your Friends and Neighbors

Ask your friends and neighbors for references if they have worked with a landscaping Charleston SC professional in the past. You probably know someone who have had a landscaping project in the past and has worked with a professional who they may want to recommend.

Obtain Several Bids For A Project

When you are looking for a landscape designer, you need to get bids before you hire one. You must never hire the first professional who answers your call. When you explain the job, the landscaping professional will provide you with an estimate for the project, and the numbers will differ from one company to another. You could compare the bids against the cost of the project data for different landscaping projects to make sure that you are not paying more than what you need to be. Also, be careful of low bids because this may indicate that they’re doing a poor job or extra or hidden fees.

Ask For Project References

If you search for landscaper online or in yellow pages, you should ask about their past clients. When you talk to them, you should ask about their processes, their communication, staff, and how fast they want to finish a project. These things will allow you to learn more about the landscaping professional and help you set your expectations.

Check Their Licenses and Documentation

The landscaping professional must be able to prove that they are a legitimate company by being able to present their license. They should also be insured or have worker’s compensation in case the landscaper incurs injuries while on the job.

Discuss The Job Specifics

This is where you have to hash out everything regarding the project before you even talk about signing a contract and paying a deposit. A few of the landscaping questions that you need to ask are the following:

  • What are your practices when on the job?
  • What materials and equipment will be used for the project?
  • What are their past experiences with this kind of landscaping project?
  • Does the landscaping business belong to any national, state, or local landscaping associations?
  • Can they offer a design sketch for the project before we start?
  • Will they require a security deposit and how much will it be?

Sign the Contract

When you have located the right landscaper, then you need to make sure that everything is written down in the contract. The details must include the project’s start and end date, materials involved, lien waver, fees, and the guarantee.


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